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Straw Purse

Interested in getting a straw purse?  The straw purse is a great summer look and is a definite must have purse to add to your collection.  There are many a straw purse to choose from out there though and it may be tough picking out a good one, that’s why I’ve gone out and done a bit of searching myself to uncover a few gems.

If you’re looking for a straw purse but have no idea where to start, here are a few good ones to consider looking into further:

1.  MICHAEL Michael Kors Santorini Straw Clutch

One of the best purses you can get is this one, it is really unique and eye catching.  This straw clutch is great for everyday use, it has stylish goldtone hardware and can be worn with a shoulder strap with chain insets or used as a handheld clutch.

It has luggage colored leather and has a body woven from natural corn husk which gives it it’s unique look.  It is 6”H x 9.5”W x 2”D with a 9” drop.

This bag comes out to $101.99 and has a 4.3/5 rating on Overstock.  This is a cute bag which is should be one of your top choices.

2.  Giani Bernini Stella Straw Leather Trim Hobo

If you want something cheaper, this one for $24.93 is one to consider.  It is a straw purse with brown leather trim.  It has a shoulder strap with zip closure and a small coin purse with key ring.  The purse is 12.5” x 10.5”, it has a lot of room and the key ring is a great feature.

3.  Coach Legacy Straw Shoulder Sac Bag Purse 13374 Natural

If you’re willing to go up higher in price, here is one at $279.99 to consider.  $300 is usually the upper limit before you start reaching designer handbag territory at $1,000+. 

This handbag is 20”L x 14”H x 3”W and has a 11” drop length.  This has a dog leash clasp, inside zip pocket and cellphone pockets. 

This bag’s straw body coupled with it’s leather trim and dog leash buckle make it an attractive looking handbag/satchel to carry around. 

Now if you’re still looking for a straw purse beyond those, there are other ones to consider, I’ve only gone over a few of them so you might want to do more searching to gain more perspective on what is out there.  Do keep in mind though that these ones I’ve gone over are some great choices though that should definitely be looked into more.