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A Look At Brahmin Handbags And Various Other Types Of Handbags
Brahmin Handbags


Brahmin HandbagsBrahmin HandbagsBrahmin HandbagsBrahmin Handbags
Brahmin Handbags - A Look At The Company + Other Info

For many people the search for the perfect handbag can be difficult. Others find that they have a certain brand they trust above all the rest. In either case Brahmin handbags are at the top of their list to either search for or to locate for their newest collection. This article will give you a little insight to Brahmin and their handbags, as well as their newest collections.

The Company

Brahmin is one of the more than simple handbag manufacturers in the United States. They represent themselves as a small family-owned company, but from their meager beginnings in 1982 they have made quite a name for their selves with the Brahmin handbags. Based in Fairhaven, Massachusetts entrepreneurs Joan and Bill Martin built their family empire based off of the word Brahmin. This word was a name given to upper class family in Boston in the early 1800's. You may also have heard it in relation to the upper level of cattle or bulls. So in knowing this, the company wishes you to understand the effort they take in making the highest class/quality handbags available.

Now, the company has a a strong websites, as well as, four retail locations and three outlet locations. These are located in:

  • Retail

    • Atlanta, Georgia

    • Dallas, Texas

    • Newport, Rhode Island

    • Southampton, New York

  • Outlet

    • Fairhaven, Massachusetts

    • Orlando, Florida

    • San Marcos, Texas

All seem to be open seven days a week and the Brahmin handbags website offers detailed information to get you to each store. Plus, there is a map to help you out.

How To Find Your Brahmin Handbags

There are several ways you can begin your search and all the advice in this article will come from information available online. One way to begin is to shop the catalog which is always available. Keep in mind that catalogs for Brahmin handbags  are offered seasonally. So, depending on the time of the year you are looking for a handbag, you will just need to go by that one offered. If you desire an item from a past catalog or you just want an older catalog, you can contact the company directly, either by phone or by email.

Another option is to search their online available products. You can do this by their “What's New” category that will allow you to see all of their new handbags, their new collections, web only exclusives, and options like:

  • As Seen In”

    • The “As Seen In” offers consumers the option to find the bags from advertisements in different magazines or other sources. The advertisement offerings could be found in magazines like Lucky, Elle, and Vogue. You will then be asked to click on one of them and it will direct you to the exact ad that Brahmin handbags were displayed in. It will most likely be highlighted so that you will be able to quickly find the picture or mention.

  • News

    • This section offers some of the latest and breaking information about Brahmin ant their handbags. One of their favorite news items and contests to post in this section is something called “Name that Emmy-Nominated Show! And win a Brahmin handbag.” This section will show a row of pictures with actors male and female, holding Brahmin handbags . Then you will get to guess via a provided email what show they are from so you can win. It also offers advertisements in currently published magazines or events they are part of or promoting.

After investigating these options, you can really get into the depths of their product shelf. To do so, you will need to select either Handbags, Collection, or Accessories. Please read the following to know what you will find by doing so:

  • Handbags

    • These are listed as types. For a beginning shopper, you many not know the difference, but luckily they are all linked to definitive options. Here are a couple examples:

      • Hobo

      • Satchel

      • Shoulder Bag

    • You can then select a collection from here. It will list every single collection they offer and still have in stock. This includes the newest options and ones that are not necessarily in season.

    • Your next option can then be by colors or simply choose them all to look at.

  • Collections

    • Though it seems a bit redundant this is again offered to make finding the collections easier to get to.

  • Accessories

    • Being a handbag company, Brahmin makes the handbag search that much easier by offering accessories. They offer:

      • Accessories, again not redundant, it is simply an option for their signature rose and rose bouquet leather strap design that their handbags have on them.

      • Checkbook Wallet

      • Cosmetic Case

      • Keyring

      • Coin Purse

      • Lipstick Holder

      • Wallet

      • Leather Protector, this is a special care product they offer to take care of their products. It is made especially for the lighter leather.

    • Keep in mind that all of these products, except the leather protector, are made to match their current collections.

Where to Buy, Besides the Manufacturer

Away from the manufacturer, you can purchase Brahmin handbags on many sites online and possibly in local markets, but those will be harder to locate. However, you can check Neiman Marcus, Bonton, and Nordstrom for local options. Narrowed down to shopping online you can find them on eBay, Amazon, and Atomic Mall. Prices will vary depending on the age and demand for that particular bag. For an example:

  • Brahmin “Mojito Melbourne” Cross-body

    • Made of Croco-leather this cross-body design can be located at online at several shops. A simple search brings these options:

      • eBay

        • In Daffodil for $111

      • Nordstrom

        • In Almond for $195

      • Bonton

        • In Pecan for $145

So despite finding the manufacturers website you will want to shop around. This will ensure that you have the best possible price in your basket. Another way to save money, is to purchase one of the Brahmin Handbags that is a season behind the current line up. It will have less demand, but still the bag you love. If you are interested in getting the most current items, then it best to stay on top of all the news available. You can do this, by learning more about the company and new surrounding it.

The Latest

Searching through all the options available can create a bit of confusion if you like several different members of their collections. If you are familiar with Brahmin handbags and simply want to replace an old friend, you are probably looking for something new and different. One of the easiest ways is to try the newest season's offerings. Here are a few to get you interested:

  • Dagny & Daphne Collection

    • Within this collection is a hot new option of totes in varying shades and colors. They are listed as either Istana Totes or Ono Totes. The Istana Tote is a large, square shaped bag with zippered closure and two handles. It is an everyday and everywhere bag that has high fashion details of exterior side zip deep pockets and brass hardware detailing around handles. The Ono Tote is just a little smaller than the Istana. It is considered a medium bag with the same detailing as the Istana. Each is offered in seven color choices and has matching accessories.

  • Madison Avenue Collection

    • This newer collection has two options available; Dagny Tote Bag and Daphne Hobo Bag. The Daphne Hobo comes in six colors and a design that maintains its classic drapery style while still remaining high fashion. It has a new set of detailed handles, shoulder strap and turnlock closure. This model is made of the luxe croco embossed classic tuscan leather. The Dagny Tote Bag has seven color options with all having a zip top, brass detailed handles, and removable shoulder strap. This version is not as roomy as the hobo style, but it offer plenty of room to transition from day to evening. This collection represents this transition from daytime use to evening wear that every consumer will love.

When all is said and done, Brahmin handbags are a very popular choice for anyone. With hope you have found the collection that you enjoy the best. If you knew about it already, perhaps you have found a new item that you simply can not live without.